Yummy quick eats – How to find dumplings in Korea

I quickly learned to follow gusts of steam like clues on a treasure map. Whether it took me down side alleys, streets, to food carts, or directed me into a restaurant, I glided over. Massive amounts of steam could only mean one thing – Dumplings!

If you are picturing Scooby Doo floating along after the delicious scent of warm fresh food, that was me in Korea.

In one of the many alleys outside the Namdaemun Market I found my first dumpling masters. Watching them fold, flip, and steam these yummy little gems was mesmerizing. I got so lost in the process, Jean-Claude had to ask me twice if I was going to buy any. The real question was how many could I carry? Thankfully they had bags to put our order in. We went under the next shady tree we found and dug into our prize. It tasted like pure gold!

After that I made it my mission to watch out for more billowing white clouds.

Check out the short video below to see both dumpling places.


Hoehyeon Station is the closest to Namdaemun Market

You can find a delicious dumpling place in Haeundae Market. I have starred where it is located on the map below.

This post is one in a series I am writing about my two-week vacation in Korea – Lea in Korea.


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