Giving Lilacs a little Sugar!

Lilacs are one of my favorite spring flowers, they are so fragrant.

This past weekend I foraged a bunch and made them into lilac sugar. This quick and easy recipe is a great base for a sugar scrub, a simple syrup, a delicious ingredient for baking, and nice in tea!

To see how easy it is to make check out my short video below;

Thank you for watching!


Lilacs & floral print

With the spring warmth all the lilacs are out and about. Which gave me a great excuse to wear floral print.

I paired the dress with some playful pink and gold bangles a friend brought me back from India. The necklace was given to me from a different friend who also went to India and brought it back. I might just have to go to India myself and buy all the jewelry!

My Outfit of the Day